JH0project Network AS4242422007

JH0project currently operate 3 exchange mainly locate at East Asia and US east coast, which all of them support automatic peering via WireGuard. Besides Hong Kong each location have two groups of nodes that are sprend in different fault domain or available domain, you can peer with both of them for redundancy.

JH0project Network Peering Locations:

NameLocationIP AddressProtocolStatus
hk-1-aHong Kong, Chinahk-1-a.vm.net.dn42.jh0project.comWireGuard
jp-1-aTokyo, Japanjp-1-a.vm.net.dn42.jh0project.comWireGuard
jp-2-aTokyo, Japanjp-2-a.vm.net.dn42.jh0project.comWireGuard
us-e-o-a-1Ashburn, Virginia, United Statesus-e-o-a-1.vm.net.dn42.jh0project.comWireGuard
us-e-o-b-1Ashburn, Virginia, United Statesus-e-o-b-1.vm.net.dn42.jh0project.comWireGuard